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eCommerce Sales Acceleration

A marketing plan add-on specifically for South African eCommerce stores that will skyrocket your sales.

Ready to make money? Let’s do this!

Part 1

Increase Your Reach

Bidorbuy Integration

Creative Advertising Banners

Custom Marketing Graphics

PDF Catelog

Pricecheck Integration

Store Video for Advertising

Email List Builder

Advanced SEO

Part 2

Maximizing Social Media

Facebook Store Integration

Social Media Marketing

FB Messenger Order Confirmation

FB Messenger Cart Recovery

Facebook Ads Integration

Facebook Remarketing

Social Login

FB Messenger Coupon Delivery

Part 3

Conversion Optimization

Deal Expiry Triggers

Create urgency by adding a countdown timer showing the days and hours until a sale ends.

Loss Aversion Triggers

Replace thoughts of spending money with thoughts of finding a good deal by showing a a potential saving in percentage or by a specific amount.

Recently Bought Social Proof

Increase trust by showing recent buyer purchase information on a product thereby using crowd wisdom to convince your buyer that if others trusted you enough to buy that they can safely do the same.

Ad a Low Stock Trigger

Convince your shoppers to act fast by automatically showing items left in stock when product numbers drop to a defined number. 

Display a Product Guarantee

Avoid last-minute shopper anxiety and internal objections by displaying a ‘Purchase Protection‘ information box mentioning things like ‘Hassle Free Returns‘, ‘Fast Shipping, ‘Secure Checkout‘, ‘Original Products‘, etc.

Coupons via FB Messenger

You can automatically deliver discount coupons to your buyers to encourage them to purchase another product. You can also deliver coupons to potential buyers that abandoned cart as an incentive to come back and complete their purchase.

Questions & Answers

I have an eCommerce store elsewhere. Can I buy this?

Unfortunately No. This marketing and sales acceleration plan is an add-on for eCommerce stores created and managed by Better Business. You might want to consider moving your store over to our side (the good side 😉) so that you are able to benefit from the increase in sales and customer loyalty our eComSalesPro plan will give to your store. 

Do you have different prices if we only need some eComSalesPro options?

To make things easier for all of us the price and the eComSalesPro package is the same for everyone. 

If you choose to exclude certain functionality for your store, that functionality will remain available so that you can call on us at any point to integrate it for you.

Is this package available for Multi-Vendor stores?

Yes. It certainly is available for Multi-Vendor store owners. You’ll be able to choose it as an add-on when you decide to proceed to checkout.