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Powerful eCommerce Websites

Get yourself a 24/7 Sales Machine that works without getting tired and never asks for more money 😉

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5 Products Preloaded

R4690.00 setup

R295 monthly

  • 🛒 You can load more products yourself.
  • 🥇 Any free extensions.
  • 🎁 2 product categories.
  • 🌐 Domain name included.
  • 🎯 US web hosting included.
    (R1500 p/year value)
  • ✂️ Minor store edits included.
  • ✅ eComTurbo upgrade available.


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15 Products Preloaded

R6990.00 setup

R395 monthly

  • 🛒 You can load more products yourself.
  • 🥇 5 listed premium extensions.
  • 🎁 10 product categories.
  • 🌐 Domain name included.
  • 🎯 US web hosting included.
    (R1500 p/year value)
  • ✂️ Minor store edits included.
  • ✅ eComGold upgrade available.


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30 Products Preloaded

R8990.00 setup

R495 monthly

  • 🛒 You can load more products yourself.
  • 🥇 Any listed premium extensions.
  • 🎁 Unlimited product categories.
  • 🌐 Domain name included.
  • 🎯 US web hosting included.
    (R1500 p/year value)
  • ✂️ Minor store edits included.
  • ✅ Advanced Store Customization.


eCom High Volume Store


50 Products Preloaded

R10,990.00 setup

R1295 monthly

  • 🛒 You can load more products yourself.
  • 🥇 Any listed premium extensions.
  • 🎁 Unlimited product categories.
  • 🌐 Domain name included.
  • ✅ eComOne web hosting included.
    (R5400 p/year value)
  • ✂️ Minor store edits included.


eCom Multi-Vendor Store


70 Products Preloaded

R16,990.00 setup

R1795 monthly

  • 🛒 You can load more products yourself.
  • 🥇 Any listed premium extensions.
  • 🎁 Unlimited product categories.
  • 🌐 Domain name included.
  • ✅ eComOne web hosting included. 
    (R5400 p/year value)
  • ✂️ Minor store edits included.


Supercharged eCom Marketing


Accelerated Sales

R4990.00 setup

R1495 monthly

  • 🛒 Automated Bidorbuy Integration.
  • 🥇 Facebook Shopping Integration.
  • 🎁 Custom Advertising Banners / Video.
  • ✂️ Advanced Search Engine Optimization.
  • ✅ Social Media Marketing.


All eCommerce Stores Include

  • 🏆 A great looking, professional, mobile-friendly eCommerce store you can manage and update yourself.
  • 📺 Complete video training built right in to your website admin panel. 
  • 💎 New domain name included for as long as you remain with us. Choose from .co.za, .com., .net, .org. (R250 p/year value)
  • 💱 Payment gateway integration (PayFast, PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc.).
  • 📦 Shipping module integration. (Aramex, Collivery.net, Courier Guy, etc.).
  • 📊 SA VAT (Value Added tax) module included.
  • 📧 5 email accounts (eComDream). 15 email accounts (eComTurbo). 25 email accounts (eComGold). Setup in Outlook, your phone or anywhere you want. Includes Webmail to access your email directly from your browser.
  • 🥇 Website is optimized for search engines (Google, Bing).
  • 🔐 Your website is secured with an SSL Certificate. Your links will start with https:// (R2500 p/year value)
  • ✅ We’ll add social share buttons, social follow buttons, and embed your social widgets.
  • 🔮 Custom Graphics + Licenced Stock Images.
  • 🔒 Secure website backups to multiple server locations as well as Amazon S3.
  • ☂️ Regular website software updates.
  • ⭐️ Full integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • 🔥 24/7 account security (website, hosting, email). We actively protect against website hacking, viruses, and email SPAM.

Questions & Answers

I'm interested. What do I do next?

Great. To get started please complete the form at the bottom of this page. When we receive your information we’ll get in touch at a time convenient to you. In this call, we can discuss your requirements and we’ll answer any questions you have.

If you decide to move forward we’ll email you instructions on how to proceed with payment. After payment, you’ll be able to provide your project information and any files via an onboarding form.

Once this information is received we’ll email you access details to your client dashboard from where you’ll be able to see updates on your project, access any relevant files, see setup instructions for email, and everything else you’ll need all located in one central dashboard.

How easy is it to make changes and updates to my website?

It’s about as easy as it can get. No complicated procedures here 😊 The editor you’ll use to edit pages is a visual editor so you’ll see the page exactly as it looks on the front end of the website. In fact, that is where you’ll be making your changes.

Want to change some of the text? Just click on it and write. Want to change an image. Just drag it into place and you’re done.

Also, did we mention that we have a fully integrated video training resource built directly into your website admin panel? If you get stuck just look for the video that deals with that specific topic and watch.

Any types of websites you do NOT accept?

We do not deal with persons and companies that want websites that are morally questionable. No gambling sites. No pornography. No websites depicting violence or promoting violence against any group. No overly political websites. No websites selling or providing hacking software and warez tools. 

The nice thing with us is that we qualify each person that we do business with so there is never any chance that such websites are able to make it onto our network.

What does your video training cover?

You get access to 45 WordPress videos, 4 videos on the very powerful Yoast SEO plugin, 21 videos on Google Analytics and 21 videos on various aspects of your Page Builder.

Will I be able to see details about my website traffic?

Absolutely. Your website is fully integrated with Google Analytics as well as Google Search Console.

We’ll also provide regular reports on visitor data and add those to your client dashboard. Details include things like who visits your website, where they visit from, how long they stay on your website, which pages they viewed, what day and time your website is busiest, and a lot of other details.


Your domain name. We’ll cover the costs for your domain name for the first year. This is for domain names that we register or transfer to our end. Domain extensions included is .co.za, .net, .com,. org. Domain costs after year one are R250 per year.

Your web hosting. We’ll cover the costs of your hosting for the first year. The cost of hosting after year one will be R125 per month.

Changes to your website. We include changes to your website for the first month after you launch. This should give you enough time to become familiar with your website admin panel. We include very comprehensive video training built directly into your admin panel.

Website support packages. It is very easy to make changes to your website but if you are to busy or you just don’t want to deal with it you are welcome to subscribe to a monthly website support package. You can also pay an hourly rate for the occasional time when you want us to do something on your website for you.

For more detailed information please see our Add-ons page.

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